Eee PC Video Freeze
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Problem with video on my netbook, it freezes and sounds like a skipping record!!

When streaming videos online, the computer freezes and the audio sounds like a skipping record. This lasts for 10-60 seconds and sometimes it comes out of it and keeps playing and sometimes I have to hard shut down the computer by holding the power button. This happens on Youtube, Netflix, Online TV shows, etc.

It is an Asus Eee PC 1005HAB, Running Windows 7. It happens in firefox and internet explorer. I have updated windows and flash.

This has happened since I purchased the computer, but now happens much more often...

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Do you have hardware acceleration enabled in Flash? If so, try disabling it (look thru the Flash right-click menu) and see if that improves performance. If this does yield some improvement, make sure you're running the latest drivers for your graphics card - some card/driver combinations have in the past had problems with flash that were fixed with newer drivers.
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It might be worth trying Chrome, which uses a built in version of Flash and sometimes is less problematic.
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does this happen if you let the entire video spool before starting playback?
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Response by poster: It does happen even if the video is completely spooled
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Try turning off the Superfetch service in Windows 7. Keep an eye on how much memory you're using compared to your total memory. My guess is that the system is either paging "virtual memory" (disk i/o intensive), has a disk intensive service running in the background, or is possibly overheating.
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Have you checked your CPU usage? You most likely are pegging your CPU. If it happens more often now, you might try uninstalling or closing any background apps.
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