Is it safe to access my bank account after malware infection?
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Is my password safe after a "System Tool" malware infection? Can malware (system tool) use a proxy or key logger or otherwise detect bank account passwords accessed with the (hopefully previously) infected computer. How can one be sure the infection is totally removed? xp fully updated, avg free, scanned and cleaned following these instructions
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You can never be 100% sure, sorry. Reinstalling is the only truly secure way.

You're probably ok though.
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Yes, malware can steal passwords. Go to a different computer and change your passwords. Use deezil's notes, which are excellent, and updated.
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nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

after a windows PC that had a malware problem was supposedly "cleaned", I would never put any valuable password into it before completely wiping the drive and reinstalling. not a good idea!
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