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Previously functional download of maildir-format inbox into Eudora no longer works despite no discernible changes to settings. (System now wants to download entire mail directory.)

When not using Alpine on Unix, I use Eudora on Mac. (Neither of these facts will change.) Previously, Eudora had no trouble downloading the inbox from the maildir-format mail queue (or folders, if you will). Now, though, Eudora suddenly wants to download the contents of all folders – a mere 19,000 messages.

Sysadmin can’t see anything wrong. I don’t remember changing any POP settings, with the proviso that we had to rejigger SMTP settings on the same box. It is possible I buggered something up that I just can’t see. The problem with this theory is that you just point Eudora to SERVERNAME with login credentials and it just works. (Eudora ordinarily “just works,” but no other mail software has access to as many arcane server settings as Eudora does, so if I need to use one of those, I likely can.)

What I’m looking for here is at least a clue as to where to look to diagnose the problem of downloading the entire mail directory instead of just the inbox.
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Try using a packet sniffer and view the part of the conversation where the client asks the server about the mailbox(es). That should tell you where the problem lies, at least.
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