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Zeemote hackery for Mac OS X?

I picked up a Zeemote on a whim.

The Zeemote is a bluetooth game controller sort of like the Wii nunchuck, but smaller, originally intended for use with phones to control games. The company may be out of business but still has a web presence.

The unit I bought was very inexpensive and sourced from a UK vendor on eBay. There is official support for Windows and I have been able to pair it with my MBP when booted into Win7. My primary intent is to use it for gaming in that environment, primarily because a teeny-tiny controller appeals to me for occasional use.

It appears that there is no official support for the device under Mac OS X. The Mac sees it and obtains the device name at pairing attempt but fails the pairing attempt with a message noting that the pairing attempt was rejected. This behavior is exhibited whether or not the pairing passcode, 0000, is enforced.

Googling, I can find evidence of some hackery exerted toward using the device in conjunction with Android, which appears to not be officially supported, but nothing toward OS X.

My assumption is that I have correctly searched and that at the moment there is nothing happening toward making the Zeemote interoperable with OS X. My thought is that someone on AskMe might have heard otherwise.
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