Can I buy a spare removable faceplate for my stereo?
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I have a car stereo with a removable faceplate. After a couple of years of lugging the plate with me every time I left the car, I finally did what I knew was coming all along and lost the darn thing. Given that the entire reason for having the plates removable is to deter theft, should I accept it as a given that there is no place to buy a replacement unit, and go buy a whole new stereo?
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For some reason, people sell a lot of faceplates on eBay.
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I've had to replace a faceplate before (it was stolen even though the HU was not); check with your local car audio (not BB/CC) store.
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Check ebay.

And just leave this one in your glovebox. Thieves will smash out your windows if you leave it on (this has happened to me), but won't bother if they can't see the faceplate.
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Response by poster: Last time I left a faceplate in the glovebox, I came back to find both it and the stereo missing. It was that incident that made me carry the plate elsewhere.

Thanks for the ebay suggestion everyone - I should have thought of this!
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I did the exact same thing. I contacted the stereo manufacturer directly and bought a replacement. It set me back about $40 (but this was in '96, so I won't vouch for the pricing).
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After my experience with stereo theft, I recommend not even locking your doors. Let them take the damn stereo if they want it, the damage to my door and window cost me $700 to fix. (Stereo was only $125)
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Remember that buying one on ebay is possibly encouraging theft. As someone who had my faceplate stolen (twice) I make a habit to never buy 'replacement' faceplates unless they are specifically manufactured as such.
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Hang on, hang on...I was under the impression that now days most face-plates are security encoded...that is, a specific individual face place will only work with a specific individual stereo. If you buy a face-plate from Ebay, shouldn't your stereo not work with it?
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i lost my stereoface and the manufacturer sold it online. i don't think the security lies in having unique faces as this would be a manufacturing and administrative nightmare. and also it would put people like youself SOL.
Anyway, check the manufacturer's website. unless its an old model you can probably buy it real cheap.
the security is really just to discourage thieves cause they'd have to figure out where to order, deal with it, and give and address and cc. not a very sustainable process for a thief.
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Jimbob, you would think so, but "most" is probably a stretch. I doubt your average $100 car stereo has such frills. I bought a JVC head unit, new, from a vendor on eBay, and one of the buttons on the face plate was broken. The guy just sent me a new face plate and told me to throw out the old one! I was expecting to have to get a whole new deck.

I would guess that security encoding is not going to change the fact that most thieves are too lazy to steal radios that don't have face plates, so that they can spend $40 on a replacement. The point is that there are plenty of people (like me) who might forget once, and on any given night one could walk through a neighborhood and find a few of these folks.
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New faceplates are on the order of $100; I paid $27.50 (including shipping) for one on ebay.
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Some thieves are not deterred by the lack of a faceplate. I took mine in religiously every night and some loser still smashed my window and ripped out the guts of the stereo. This was just months after the first break-in which made me get the removable faceplate in the first place. There should be a special place in hell for those people.

I now have an Eclipse car stereo where you pick a CD and set it up to activate the stereo, so if the stereo is ever removed from the car, the thief has to know what your special CD was (any one is fine) to get it to work again. So if they don't know that about that stereo, they might still steal it, but apparently they won't get it to work. Or so the store people say.
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This hasn't been mentioned in this thread (that I'm aware of anyway) but in addition to everything else being said, I would invest in window tinting. It isn't very expensive (couple hundred bucks) and has some great benefits, including acting as a theft deterrent and protecting your upholstery.
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