How do I limit the number of "updates" I see from a facebook friend?
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How do I limit the number of "updates" I see from a facebook friend? I like this person, but they overwhelm me with updates.

I can't find a setting on facebook for this, and my google searches turn up noting relevant. What can I do short of "unfriending" them?
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On the main page, click on the little X to the right of their updates, and you can select to hide updates from that person.
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Do you want zero or just less updates?
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You can hide them, but that won't reduce the number of updates, it'll eliminate them altogether (from your wall, anyway). You'd have to go to their wall to see updates. Just hover your mouse pointer over the top right-hand corner of any of their updates and you'll see a little "x" show up. You can choose "hide this post," "hide all from Friend," or "mark as spam." I'm assuming you'll want "hide all from Friend." You'll still be friends with them on Facebook, you just won't see updates on your wall.
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Response by poster: Awsome! Just being able to hide all posts is great. The other thing I looked for and didn't find was a good (heavy traffic) support forum for facebook for posting questions like this.
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If it's posts from Farmville or something like that you want to rid yourself of, you can block updates from those applications. Click the X that the above people mention, and choose Hide All by XXXX where XXXX is the name of the application you want to die a horrible fiery death.
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You can "hide" them, but that removes all their entries from your news feed, not just some. AFAIK there's no way to say "show only the last two updates from this person" or something like that. On the plus side, the person receives no indication that you've "hidden" them. (Unlike unfriending, where there's no active notification, but they will still notice if they look for you in their friends list and see you're no longer there; there's no way at all for them to know they've been hidden by you.) To hide someone, click the "X" to the right of one of their posts and "Hide all by [name]" will be one of the drop-down options.

I've never unfriended anyone, but I do have about a dozen people I've hidden.
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Nthing the "hide this person" option. I've done it for a lot of my "friends" on Facebook.

The fact that it hides EVERYTHING from them is the only clunky bit, but if I really want to know what's going on with these people I can still look them up and go to their wall and check things out. However, I usually take this step with people who are kind of low on my radar anyway (and usually only talk about American Idol or such).
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Unless they're actually sharing links or randomly posting, hiding the applications is very helpful for me.
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The other thing I've done is use Facebook Purity -- a browser script -- to edit my feed down a little. I have a few friends with particular hobby-horses that they post about more than I care to read about them, so I add keywords to Facebook Purity to block out that specific content, while still getting to see the rest of what they write.

If this friend is posting zillions of updates about all sorts of shit, then that's not going to help, but if they're constantly harping on about particular issues, keyword filtering out those posts might give you the balance you're looking for between seeing everything and seeing nothing.
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I believe you used to be able to tell FaceBook to show you more about a person or less about a person, but they eliminated this useful feature (as they often do.) Now you're stuck with just hide or not hide (though you can also hide applications.)
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Are you using the Top News or Most Recent view? This is all anecdotal, but I want to say that Top News limits the amount of stuff you see per person. This means you'll miss stuff, but it is an option.
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If you use Firefox, Chrome or Opera, you might want to look at the Better Facebook browser extension, which includes a filtering option that would let you filter out updates from specific individuals based on specific keywords. It also does a bunch of other excellent customizations for the site. It can slow down Facebook loading time a little, but I find its overall usefulness outweighs the lag.
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Facebook favors friends you interact with on Facebook in your Feed. So if you keep clicking on his facebook updates and commenting on them, they'll show up a lot. If you leave his posts alone, you'll see less of him.
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I believe you used to be able to tell FaceBook to show you more about a person or less about a person, but they eliminated this useful feature (as they often do.)

I just noticed that (at least for me) they've replaced that option with another.

[lasitter, I'll describe how it looks to me. If you're on a different browser, it might look slightly different, but they options should all be there, right?] if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the FB page, on the right-hand side of the Feed, you'll see "Edit Options." Click that and a dialogue box pops up, showing you everything you've chosen to hide.

At the top of that dialogue box, there's an additional option. It offers you the choice:

Show posts from
__ friends and pages you interact with most
__ all your friends and pages

If you interact more with other people than you do with the overwhelming friend, this might do the trick!
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