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FileServe - How can I search for downloadable content?

A friend put up an recording on FileServe and provided a URL for downloading in the form*****/ from which I had no trouble downloading the file.

I opened a FileServe account, but the only links are for uploading. I want to search for other downloadable content, but FileServe blocks access to the /file/ directory. A Google SITE: search didn't work either.

Any ideas?
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If there's something specific you're looking for, google "thing-you-want-to-find fileserve".

What you're going to find are sites where people have shared links to stuff on fileserve. You won't find direct links to fileserve through google or any other means.

None of the sites like this [fileserve, rapidshare, hotfile, filesonic, depositfiles, yada yada yada] offer search directly, as that would open them to accusations of being actively complicit in copyright infringement. There's no way to browse stuff others have uploaded for the same reason [among others]. They mention this in the FAQ:
6. Can I do a search on your website to see what others have uploaded?

No. We respect and protect the privacy of our users. We have limited it to that the only person who can see their files is the one who uploaded it. That person can decide who they want to have accessing the link. A file can only be downloaded if the download link details are correct and/or if the other party knows the password.
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Yeah, these file hosting sites all operate on the premise that any given download is private and can only be accessed by those that know its ID, so much so that a whole secondary ecosystem of forums/blogs/linkdumps/whatever developed around the idea of people cultivating and sharing links to content on them since there is no built-in way of doing it.
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FileCrop, similar to above.
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