Come on in the water's fine
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Help me remember this movie: a stereotypical 80's comedy/horror that takes place during a party in a large house. One of the rooms has a giant swimming pool where couples keep sneaking away for some privacy. There's a monster at the bottom of the pool that can use the heads of previous victims to talk to and entrap new victims. I distinctly remember the pool being warm and somewhat dirty but each successive visitor just couldn't resist.

I saw this as a kid; not sure if it was on cable or some late night local television. Definitely early 80s or earlier. For some reason I picture Eugene Levy as one of the characters, but His Filmography doesn't lend any evidence to this particular movie.

Every few years I'll search around to try to find it but no luck. I'm starting to doubt whether it really existed or I've misplaced some dream into my memories.
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A fly-by, but you might want to scan this list of horror movies with swimming pool scenes.
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It might be The House on Sorority Row, it mentions someone dying in a filthy pool.
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Best answer: If I'm not mistaken, that would be TerrorVision.
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Best answer: There's a swimming pool scene in Terrorvision that sort of fits the bill, but I think only one scene so it doesn't fit your memory of multiple visits. But in this, a pair of swinging couples are planning some romance in the pool and move back and forth between rooms. This allows a monster to "get" one of them in the pool and when the next person gets in the water, the first is apparently still there, but all is not what it seems. The water is covered in mist and sticky, clear gloop by this point.
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Best answer: Third TerrorVision. Here's the trailer maybe that will help?
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So many things in your description remind me of a 1976 Bob Hope TV "Whodunit" special called Joys. It took place at a star-studded party at a large mansion, and a "human shark" (it was a sort-of parody of Jaws, you see) kept luring people into the swimming pool and killing them. IIRC every time another partygoer disappeared the camera would cut to the pool and show a pair of black gloves floating on top. Pretty soon the entire surface of the pool was covered with gloves (and eventually musical instruments after the house band met their fate).
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Response by poster: Indeed, it's TerrorVision!

Watching that trailer brings it all back (I knew I wasn't dreaming)! Thank you so much! Now I need to go track down a copy.
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