Seeking interval shooting camera
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Digital compact camera needed, with ability to take shots at defined intervals, when left unattended (for time-lapse).

My fabulous Canon Powershot A640 suddenly died! I had the CHDK software for it, for interval shooting. I need something very similar that will do this. Preferably saving uncompressed jpgs. Good to have 100mm or so of zoom. Preferably using standard batteries. Help!
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Is putting CHDK on another cheap Powershot not an option?
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Response by poster: If I could find a Powershot that saves uncompressed jpgs, and has a working CHDK, that would be good. Sadly, Canon has decided I don't need uncompressed jpgs, and their new compact cameras all save low-quality images. I don't want to go to RAW, as the number of images involved is way too high to process them all.
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You won't find any cameras offering "uncompressed jpgs", for the same reason you won't find any "uncompressed zip files" on your computer. JPEG is, by definition, a lossy format.

Can I suggest another tack? When I want to process hundreds of large image files, I batch-resize them into a subdirectory (keeping the originals intact, and by using the freeware IrfanView). With "nicely-sized" working files, I can inspect them quickly, and delete the ones I don't want. I then compare the two directories (I use an automated "select the differences" feature in xPlorer2), and delete the unwanted large originals en masse.

Would that work for you?
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You won't find any cameras offering "uncompressed jpgs"....

Perhaps the OP means "high quality images, jpgs with minimal compression."
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Could be, exphys, but I'm making sure Gooffy knows what can be had.
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Response by poster: Well, I've found that jpgs with their quality set at maximum are fine for my purpose. As opposed to jpgs at a compression level of 83, which are not fine for my purpose. I've been using Canon compacts for years, and it is only since last year I've seen them no longer offer maximum fineness. This just really detracts from a gigapan.
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Best answer: You can currently find refurbished CHDK cameras like the SD780IS for around $120. However I think the A590IS is the best CHDK camera ever made (it has a real iris, something the Powershots no longer have), and a few months ago I got a used one for $100.

(The 590 takes 2xAA, the 780 has a Li-ion rechargeable.)
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