Kaishu font, but written with a ballpoint pen, not a brush
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Does anyone know of a free Traditional Chinese kaishu-style font that looks like it was written with a ballpoint pen or pencil (not a calligraphic pen or brush)? I'm currently using HanWangFangSongMedium from this page, which I quite like, but it's in fangsong style. It's for my computer flashcards when trying to remember how to write characters (e.g English word -> Chinese character).

I think I'd basically like the Chinese equivalent of the following (from kaishu's wikipedia page):
The Japanese textbook typefaces (教科書体; Hepburn: kyōkashotai) are based on regular script, but modified so that they appear to be written with a pencil or pen. They also follow the standardized character forms prescribed in the Jōyō kanji.
It's just too much for my brain and poor handwriting to also be dealing with calligraphic niceties like brush stroke thickness.
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Not sure what you mean by a textbook typeface -- do you mean something like this (which is similar to what was in all of my textbooks when I was growing up)

Then again, that one's quite similar to a few of the ones on the page you linked to, so I guess maybe not...
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Response by poster: No, that's the Ming style, which is the standard way Chinese is printed. "Textbook typeface" seems to be a Japanese term for the Japanese version of what I want, which is this style as if written neatly with a pen or pencil.
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Something like this?
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