The problem is, I googled Google in Google Chrome. I destroyed the internet.
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Yes, I've tried forcing an unexpected reboot, but I can't access Google, Gmail, or Twitter. Weirdly,, Hotmail, Facebook, and Bing (and obviously AskMe!) all load with no problem whatsoever. And it's only affecting this computer (the only OS X machine) on the network!

The problem is, I googled Google in Google Chrome. I destroyed the internet. But I'm hoping I'm wrong.

Today, when I got home from work, I wasn't able to access my email, search on google, or view Twitter in browser or via the Twitter app. This is only affecting my computer, which also happens to be the only OS X machine in a mostly Windows house!

I tested in Firefox 4, Chrome 10.0.6, & Safari 5.0.3. Running OS X 10.6.6. In Chrome, I receive the error "Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): Unknown error." Safari gives me "Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t connect to the server “”."

What I've done so far, though not in any particular order:
- Uninstalled new programs (which happened to be Firefox 4)
- changed DNS servers from OpenDNS back to my dsl provider's (Windstream)
- flushed DNS in terminal
- removed all Wacom Tablet drivers because this one guy on the internet swore that was the problem.
- restarted the router and modem
- tested connection on speedtest, no problems found.
- tested connection on pingtest, didn't work (lost all packets).
- ran network utility and ran ping on, no packets lost, all sent and received. Repeated for, same results. Repeat for, lost 1 packet out of 10.
- ran network utility and ran traceroute for, no route to host. Same results for Repeat for and got proper traceroute.
- cleared browsing data in all browsers.
- Rebooted the system several times, even after that one time where all I did was empty the trash. and work sometimes, but sometimes they don't. Google sites (google, gmail, etc), yahoo, and twitter never work. Microsoft and Bing always work.
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Best answer: Are you running Little Snitch (or anything similar)? Could you have accidentally set a blocking rule when you didn't mean to?

Have you tried a fresh user account?
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Response by poster: I ran PeerGuardian, but uninstalled it at the same time I uninstalled Firefox.

Logged into a newly created user and same problems. In Safari,, Yahoo, Google all refused to load, but Wikipedia, the new york times, etc, all worked fine.
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Response by poster: also of note is the fact that since I emptied all my browser cache data... the Green is no longer green. The style sheet doesn't appear to be working. (Nor does it work in the Blue)
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Best answer: How did you uninstall PeerGuardian exactly? Did you use the uninstaller that comes with it, or did you just trash the app from your Applications folder? That looks like the biggest red flag.
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Response by poster: I used AppZapper to uninstall PeerGuardian, but I was having all of these problems prior to doing so. Removing PeerGuardian appeared to make no difference.
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Response by poster: ... BC, I went and found peerguardian online and ran the uninstaller. Everything works again. I'd love to know how or why it went rogue in the first place!
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Rampant Speculation: I haven't actually looked at the PeerGuardian Source, but...

IME, firewall products for OSX are usually graphical front-ends for UNIX firewalls. You can remove all the files it adds, but that doesn't remove the rules it added to the built-in tools.
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Try running a cache cleaner like Cache Out X. Although it sure sounds like a DNS problem some system cache may be the trouble maker.
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