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If I want to get rid of a car that isn't inspected/registered, how would I do that? In NC, if it matters.

I have a 1995 Ford Taurus that I'd like to get rid of for money if I can. It has some issues that make me concerned about my ability to sell it, and I'm not sure I legally -can- sell it without getting it registered. Or would anyone want to buy it even?

- Low mileage (78k)
- Major parts are in good shape (car runs great handling and breaks wise)
- New tires

- Can't pass inspection (blinkers and wipers don't work - everything else is fine)
- Is not currently registered or inspected (I turned the plates in when I got a new car)
- Exterior looks like absolute shit (has some grime on it and the rear bumper has a big crack in it)

Looks aside, it was a great car until the blinkers and wipers went out (I am pretty sure it's the handle thing on the inside - the blinkers work when you push the hazards button) but the mechanic said it would be like $500 to find a new stick like that

I know I don't want it but I figured someone might. How do I sell it? Can you transfer a title (in NC) when no one plans to drive the car? How much should I ask for?
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If you have the title, you should be fine- it doesn't need to be registered or inspected to sell it.

FWIW, if you bought a used car for $500 with only 78K miles on it, I'd say you got a pretty good deal. f that's all you It may well be worth going to a junkyard and seeing if they have the part. Kelly Blue Book suggests that you can sell it for around 2 and a half grand if you can get it into working order.
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second the junkyard approach. i had the wiper "stick" yanked out of my car (long story) a few years ago. I went to an auto salvage yard and paid 15 bucks to walk onto the yard and take the same part out of a dead beater. if the blinkers work in hazard mode, im guessing its a fuse first. check it...should be a 15amp fuse. if the fuse is fine, take the cover off the steering column and make sure a connection is being made when the "stick" is turned, pushed, etc. nothing to lose there. also, in my past 3 states of residence, a prior proof of registration is all it takes to register the vehicle for a new owner. YMMV. last, donate it to a charity and write it off on your taxes.
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Here in California our local NPR stations have a trade-in program so that you can get a tax write-off for some of the value of the car.
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You're first call is to NC Motor Vehicles, 919-715-7000. If you have the title in your name, you can sell to anyone. The buyer is responsible for registration/inspection/insurance.
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