I don't want to get off the smartphone wagon
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Lost my iPhone (3GS, 16GB, refurbished, it was $50 with my upgrade) - my contract isn't up for another year and a half. Is there any legitimate place online where I could get an equivalent replacement? Minimum retail price with AT&T is $250...
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You will pay much more than $250 if you bought one on eBay. Also, a lot of the iPhone eBay auctions seem to have cheap phones, but then $250 for "shipping."

Craigslist might be a reasonable place to look.
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Yeah, I don't think you'll find it for a better price until the rumored new iPhone comes out in the summer. Right now, the 3GS is still a solid phone so the price and resale prices are still pretty high until it is 2 generations from new. Someone on Craigslist where you live may offer it at a lower price if they don't know the street value of it.

If it makes you feel better I lost my iPhone 3G and spend $599 to replace it.
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You can probably buy a 3G for $100 or so. If you can find a working one with a broken screen for really cheap, you can pay $99 at an Apple Store for a display replacement. You can also use sites like iresq.com to repair minor damage.
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Response by poster: Hmmm, doesn't sound too hopeful. I was hoping there was some secret resource out there that I didn't know about. Thanks for the suggestions!
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