Looking for suggestions on prominent Twitterites to follow.
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Looking for suggestions on prominent Twitterites to follow.

I have a feeling there are some really interesting Twitter feeds out there that I don't know about, so I'm hoping this Ask MeFi question can point me towards the best that Twitter has to offer.

I'm looking for people that regularly (but not too regularly) post interesting and original stuff. It can be personal, highly technical, always about a specific topic, whatever, just, well, original. I tend to lose interest in people that retweet a bunch or use Twitter to carry on public conversations (example: kevinrose, who I love, but just can't follow).

I hope this question isn't too broad. If nothing else I've said makes sense, let me put it like this: Who are the most interesting people you follow?
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Cartoonist Kate Beaton posts on Twitter as "beatonna" and uses it to share small comics that she doodles between other work. Occasionally she'll make a snarky (warranted) comment about somebody being terrible on the internet, but for the most part her tweets are just straightforwardly entertaining.
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I'm a fan of Jacob Applebaum, @ioerror on Twitter and MetaFilter.

He mainly tweets about information freedom and net security.
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Of famous people, I like to follow actor Neil Patrick Harris (Actually NPH) and singer Sara Barielles (sarabareilles). They both post some interesting and snarky/witty stuff from time to time.
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Some of my favorites:

John Fugelsang, who I never realized was funny (hey, he used to host America's Funniest Home Videos) until I started reading his feed. Lots of biting political commentary.

John Darnielle/The Mountain Goats, indie musician, snarky, with the occasional rant about Fiddler on the Roof.

I also follow several former members of the cast MTV's The State and ST:TNG, and they are almost entirely awesome, but I'm not sure if you're into that.
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Some of my favorites are Michael Ian Black (comedian), Stephen Colbert (I think you know who he is), Sarah Silverman (comedian), James Lileks (blogger and author of hilarious books about bad food), Penelope Trunk (blogger/author/entrepreneur), Joshua Green Allen (funnyman -- previously!), Rainn Wilson (actor best known as Dwight on The Office), and Kelly Oxford (stay-at-home mom/author).

Michael Ian Black's Twitter is a little weird these days because he's on a campaign to make himself the next spokesperson for Taco Bell. It's normally less gimmicky. Of all these, the ones I most often go to, for both humor and insight, are probably Michael Ian Black and Kelly Oxford.
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I really like Donald Glover (actor on "Community"/comedian/rapper), he's usually pretty witty, one of my faves
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MeFi's own @stevesilberman rocks a constant stream of great science news.

You might try William Gibson, too-- @GreatDismal.

(FWIW, @ioerror is the only named American WikiLeaks volunteer. If you work under specific constraint regarding WikiLeaks or hope to, he is not for you, fascinating or not.)
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Some of my favorites -- all for the laughs -- are Rob Huebel (@RobHuebel), Julieanne Smolinski (@BoobsRadley), Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien), Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane), and A.D. Miles (@80Miles). And then for fun random facts, try Mental Floss Magazine (@mental_floss).
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Wow, I follow a lot of people on twitter. For various reasons, I recommend:

Time Out Tokyo
- Ongoing updates from Japan
Tom and Lorenzo - Delicious fashion reviews w/out body snark
George Takei - For the squee (Oh, Myy!)
FEMINIST HULK - Does just what it says on the tin
NASA - Nrrrrd!
Kate Harding - Body acceptance activist & feminist news
Wil Wheaton - Awesome sauce
Yoko Ono - Inspirational, in the best way
William Shatner - Self explanatory

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