Looking for a book about Mt. Roraima
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Does anyone know a good book about Mount Roraima?

I just found about this fascinating plateau in Venezuela, Mount Roraima, which seems like the inspiration for the setting of the movie Up.

Wettest climate, tallest waterfalls, isolated flora and fauna; it all seems like fodder for a great book.

But the only things Google and Amazon show me are travel books or dry science texts. Is there a book which takes a more narrative-driven look at this geographic oddity? Something along the lines of Winchester's look at the Krakatoa explosion.
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I don't know if any of these are good, but it's a fairly long list.
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Not exactly what you are looking for, but there's a show on the discovery channel called "Out of the Wild- Venezuela" and the first two episodes take place on Mount Roraima. I found the episodes on my cable's On Demand, and the episodes are also available on Itunes.
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Conan Doyle's The Lost World was inspired by reports of an expedition to Mount Roraima!
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Response by poster: mareli, this list is comprehensive, but unfortunately, it's mostly out-of-print, very old, or articles as opposed to books. maybe i'm just wishing there was a recent, quality book about every natural wonder.
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