Keylogger for Windows?
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I would like recommendations for a keylogger for a desktop and laptop. Windows.

I'd prefer a software solution but it doesn't have to be ultra-stealthy. That's not a concern. This is for my own personal computers.

Remote access not necessary.

Free or paid is fine, but I'd like a reputable company I can feel safe giving my credit card number to. Cheap is good, though.
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Best answer: Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger works pretty well and is ~ $40.

You may also want a screenshot grabber depending on what you want the keylogger for. I've used TimeSnapper to provide an audit trail for billing clients, but it is not stealthware.
posted by benzenedream at 12:05 PM on March 23, 2011

Can we ask why you need a non stealthy keylogger? Might help with the recommendations.
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Spector Pro works good for me for what I think you're probably using it for....
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Disclaimer: I just googled this, I had never heard of it before today:
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Response by poster: Perfect Keylogger is awesome, thanks benzenedream.
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