What is the best deodorant/antiperspirant for sensitive skin?
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What is the best deodorant/antiperspirant for sensitive skin?

I've been using Dove for quite some time, but I'm finding that it doesn't work as well as I'd like in the hot Louisiana summers. I used to use Almay but I can't find it here. I want something that will keep me from smelling and won't leave a residue. As I have sensitive skin, I need something that won't make me itch (unscented too).
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I've had good luck with deodorant stones. They're basically mineral salts that keep your sweat from smelling, so they're not anti-perspirant, but they work very well as a deodorant. The stones don't itch, stain, or smell.
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Try the Rock. I've used it for 8 years with no problems. Absolutely odorless, cheap (I'm still on my first one), natural, effective. I'm a sweaty guy and I've never had any complaints about my B.O.

(beaten, but seconded)
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The stones are awesome. They don't have the chemicals in them that most people react to in deodorants. (Take note, though, the stones don't work for everyone equally well.) They're avaailable in stick-deodorant-like form or as stand-alone balls that can sit in a soap dish or plastic baggie.
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Try Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel -- comes in unscented. I have never had the itchies using this; more than I can say for most of the other products I have tried.
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I have really really sensitive skin, and I've fallen in love with Tom's of Maine deodorant.
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I'll put in a fourth recommendation for deoderant stones. I've been using them for years and years. If they work well for you, you can even forget a day and be stink-free.
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YMMV on the stones - they don't do a thing for my stinkiness.
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The BEST deodorant for people with sensitive skin is Dr. Hauschka. My skin is about as sensitive as one can get, and since I've discovered Hauschka's holistic skin care products I've used almost nothing else. I used to use Tom's of Maine deodorant, but even that is a lot more harsh than Hauschka. I am alergic to artificial frangrance, but I find their use of essential oils to add a little 'fresh' smell to be quite pleasing.
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Fifthing the stones. Long-lasting non-stinkyness with no rash and no undershirt discoloration.
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Try skipping deoderant for a day or two at a time. I now use whatever lotion is under the sink - Vaseline Intensive Care, Nivea, whatever - and put on regular harsh deoderant (Right Guard, I think) two or three times a week. My wife hasn't complained about BO, and if her super-nose can't smell me, then I must not stink.
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suchatreat, I also LOVE Arrid Extra Dry Clear Gel, but I can't find it anywhere here in Seattle in the past month. I hope they haven't stopped making it! I see the solid everywhere, but I hate solids.
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I've had good luck with Mitchum anti perspirant.
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Mitchum actually bothered my skin, and I generally do not have sensitive skin. YMMV. Many of the suggestions above are for deodorants, not antiperspirants. I think in Louisiana you would be looking for an antiperspirant, not merely a deodorant. If the Allmay worked for you then perhaps you should go back. It can be had at drugstore.com. This is a pretty good resource for obtaining hard-to-find toiletries.
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If the rocks are a little scary at first, there are Mineral Salt Rollons too. You can then upgrade to a real rock if it works for you. They sell it at most drugstores.
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You might consider spreading some Tea Tree oil underneath your arms. It has a bracing, fresh smell, is an all-natural essential oil, and it has astringent/antiseptic properties which will kill off BO bacteria.

Toms of Maine is nice and smells great. I wish it actually combatted body odor though. It's about as effective as a fart in a whirlwind for me. It will literally have an effect for like 10 minutes. This makes it great for putting on right before hopping into bed with someone you want to impress, but that's about it.
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hmmm....I DON'T have sensitive skin, but I DID have a problem with Tom's of Maine...might be a coincidence, but thought you should know. Now I have something called "Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist." I think it's the same thing as the stones, but in liquid form, and I've only ever seen it at the hippie-organic-vegetarian friendly grocery stores.
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I'm thrilled you asked this question, because as I was about to recommend this antipersperant/deoderant from Toms of Maine, I see that it is discontinued. I must now buy all of the remaining inventory at drugstore.com, as it is the ONLY kind I've found to 1) not irritate my skin and 2) work.
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Someone once complimented me on my perfume when I used Tom's of Maine Honeysuckle Rose.
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Sorry, no recommendations, but rather thoughts to consider: deodorant switching can be a disappointing, expensive endeavor. I've come to conclude that the use of aluminum chlorohydrate (the active ingredient in ALL mainstream anti-perspirants), like high fructose corn syrup, could be one of our most troubling, ubiquitous consumptions. Not only does it stifle your body's natural perspiration ducts, but who knows what long-term effects it may have? Does our body absorb this stuff? Our stained shirts - are they ominous of what's going on beneath our skin? Can anyone dare ask whether even breast cancer can be traced back to something like this? I don't know. But I like to ask.

Having said that, sensitive skins need breathing room, and as you'll find out, when researching crystals, letting your skin sweat is important. I personally found the crystal ineffective with odor at the end of the day. But you're supposed to give it time, and be consistent.

If odor is your biggest concern, by all means, seek something without the aluminum chlorohydrate. But know that odor is caused by amassed bacteria, which is the problem, not sweat itself. The AC does something no one was asking for: plugging up the sweat glands, forcing the body to expel moisture in other places. What we really needed was a way to fend off the bacteria underneath our arms. That is why crystal is so popular - it addresses the bacteria.
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I bought a rock and it fell apart. It was guaranteed for a year but after about a month or two, the soft part of the rock broke apart into shards which then irritated my skin... I'm going to try Arrid next, I guess.
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