What is the best tool for webinars
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Best software/site for webcam seminar with students who pay to attend?

I want to give a class online to students all over the world. I am looking for the right tool (program/site) for the job with the following requirements:

- students must pay to "attend"; it would be nice if payment, or at least password, were integrated into the solution
- it can be run via webcam over DSL
- we can use our Keynote presentation in the class
- we can do a series of 2-4 classes at different times over a week to cover all the time zones where we have students
- not crazy expensive or any long term commitment to a service; we might need it for a couple of weeks.
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Skype? It is easily available and most people may already have it on their computers. You can set it up for groups easily.
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I don't know if it is exactly what you are looking for, but at my university we use Adobe Connect for similar stuff. All that is required on the students' side is a browser and the latest Flash version.
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Best answer: I took an online class that used WiZiQ and it seemed to do most of the things you require. Not sure about the built-in billing.
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