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Heading to Lisbon next month for a few days, hoping for some hotel suggestions.

Hoping for something nicer than a hostel but more in the $100 a night range. Also please chime in with any fun things to see and do, although Sintra is on the list for sure.
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There was a good recent thread on things to do in Lisbon. Its a great walking city if you dont mind some of the hills. Besides the touristy heart (Baixa, Rossio, Chiado) visit the lively bar/nightlife area (Bairro Alto) and some of the picturesque older neighborhoods (Castelo, Alfama) too!
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The Tivoli Hotel was nice enough when I stayed there, about 15 years ago. The castle is worth seeing if only for the views, and the bairro alto area is good for restaurants and bars after dark. Tripadvisor is a useful site for hotel recommendations.
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I know you said "No hostels," but my boyfriend and I checked out of a ridiculously expensive hotel (200 euro? 300 euro/night?) and checked into Hostel Rossio... and we felt like Hostel Rossio was nicer and better located. Seriously, it's an amazing hostel-- centrally located, delicious breakfast included, clean... you just have to get over the IKEA furniture. Worth considering.
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The Tejo was a very nice hotel and in a good location.
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As a brief follow-up to the hostels discussion, having consulted's Hoscars, apparently the top three hostels in the world are in Lisbon. (Hostel Rossio, mentioned above, is the second-best small hostel in the world, evidently.)

I stayed last week in the Poet's Hostel Oporto, which apparently is based on its Lisbon counterpart. I can't speak highly enough about the Oporto iteration, and (if you have been swayed yet towards considering hostels) would give that a look, too.

Granted, I'm unfamiliar with the geography of Lisbon, and so depending on where you want to be, these suggestions may be totally irrelevant for you. YMMV.
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Sadly, it's well above your price range, but if you somehow are able to spend twice as much, I highly recommend the Hotel Britania. Great location, beautiful hotel, fantastic service. Sintra is a good choice. We didn't make it to Cascais, but heard great things about it if you're looking for another day trip. Definitely head out to Belem for a morning or afternoon, and believe the hype about the pastries, they are so delicious! Also, visit the cathedral in Lisbon - all the guidebooks say not to go there, but it's really cool!

I don't know if there are any pousadas in Lisbon, but have friends who did an entire stay in Portugal staying only in Pousadas and loved it. They are supposed to be very affordable.
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Go to Cafe Brasileira, it's delicious. Also take a tram ride around the city, they're cheaper than tour buses and delightful. I echo suggestions for Baixa and Alfama, they're great to explore on foot.
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Response by poster: These are all booked for our dates. Thanks though.
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