How do I find executive level jobs?
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What is the best way to find executive level career opportunities in my area?

My wife is ready to make her move. She is highly skilled and very qualified to become a COO (which is what she would like) in the healthcare industry.
Half-million dollar careers aren't generally posted on
Where does one start when looking to move from an executive director level position into a CxO position without necessarily drawing too much attention from her current employer?
Does work?
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Yeah, at my healthcare industry place of employment we seem to bring in all the heavy hitters through head hunters.
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Best answer: Generally these C level of roles are filled via industry focused executive search firms.

A quick Google Search turned up this

I have no idea if they are any good, but your best bet is to see if she knows someone in HR in the healthcare field who can recommend some of these firms.
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If your wife is seriously playing at that level, she needs a recruiter firm, not a jobs website. does indeed have lots of +$100K jobs... but that + is just baaaaarely. Many of the positions I saw there when I was searching seemed to be "$75-100K range including benefits," which for all practical purposes means middle management in most markets.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. This makes total sense. She's already well past 100K so I guess theladders really doesn't make sense. We'll research healthcare recruiters. Thanks again for the great advice.
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Theladders is a disaster even for folks in their socio-economic demographic for reasons too long to post here and off topic anyway. Don't waste you time with it.

P.S. For someone at her level, the way in involves two strategies: (i) "networking" through individuals who know people who know people who might provide an introduction to job opportunities and (ii) headhunters. The first option should be where she puts the bulk of her effort.
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Best answer: What you should be looking for are retained executive search firms. There are big, global firms (think Spencer Stuart or Heidrick & Struggles) that have healthcare industry groups, and there are also boutique firms that specialize in different industries. You can learn more about them at the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

Retained search firms do not charge the candidates anything, just FYI.
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More reasons not to use

+1 to search firms never charging the candidates. They usually get a % of the candidate's final salary or a flat fee from the business.
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Not sure what level she's at but the Economist often has a lot of executive job postings.
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