Good Sex Requires a Proper Amount of Adjustment (Bed)?
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Adjustable mattress filter - Will our sexytimes be affected by the crack in a split king (two Twin XLs) with two adjustments possible (one for each bed)? Should we just go for one single king with one adjustment for both? Leaning towards the split but don't want our sexytimes/cuddling to be affected....

We are buying an adjustable mattress. The split king (two twin XLs, each on their own adjustable base, but pushed together) looks soooo enticing, but we don't want our sexytimes to be impacted, so we're considering getting the non-split king, but would only then be able to adjust to something middling for both of us instead of superior comfort for both. We are serious snugglers, cuddling ever single night, but break apart and sleep separately 90% of the time. But the snuggling is super important! :-D

Anyone have any pros/cons to either setup? Experience with either, and tips to share? Thanks in advance, hive mind.
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There are some pretty good crack-cover + strap around edges devices for holding the mattresses together. Don't cheap out. Then get a good mattress pad.

And then don't do it right in the middle of the bed, if you can feel it. We don't have a split mattress (and right now, in the middle of moving, oh I wish we did), but tend to go to one side or another for pretty much all interactions (and then the dogs sleep down the center, and would be welcome to not like it and get out of my knee-space anyway).
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could put something like memory foam mattress topper to cover the gap? is that too soft for one or the other of you?

for what it's worth, we have a king sized bed and we're certainly prone to move around, but i'd say most of the time the serious action happens on one side or another, not straight down the middle.
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If you put something on it to cover the gap, you effectively defeat the whole purpose of a split adjustable bed.
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World Famous is right - gap coverage defeats the purpose. Hoping that someone out there has one of these and can share! :)
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The World Famous: If you put something on it to cover the gap, you effectively defeat the whole purpose of a split adjustable bed.

I don't think so... the cover bit just needs to be thick enough to help bridge the gap. It doesn't have to have mattress level thickness and stiffness.
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I think there's some misunderstanding about the nature of an adjustable bed. As I understand it, it's not just adjustable firmness. It's a bed that can be positioned in sitting position, with legs or knees elevated, etc., and where the two halves of the bed can be positioned in those positions separately from each other. Therefore, anything that covers the gap will be pointless, since one side of the bed will sometimes be in a completely different position than the other side - for example, with one half in a sitting up chaise-type position and the other still flat like a bed.
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There's a place I vacation sometimes where the "king" beds are just 2 twins pushed together. I've found that this is actually very conducive to "spooning" since the arm of the person on the outside has a bit of a trough to nest in and is less likely to fall asleep.
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Yes, excuse me for my vagueness. World Famous is right - it's the type of bed that can adjust like a hospital bed. We're getting it because of pregnancy comfort concerns as well as to nurse when that time comes. Also, aside from the few months of baby focus, I see myself enjoying it too, and she as well after baby needs, as we watch movies in bed and hang in our bedroom a lot in general (I can see myself doing some work on my laptop propped up while she sleeps however she wants to) and wonder if we'll be sad that we didn't pick the dual adjustable sides over a single adjustable because of fears of the crack affecting our lovelife.

Interesting, doctord!
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Our king bed is two twins pushed together with pads on top -- they are not adjustable, so we can even put them both side-ways to make a square.

So, if you got two adjustable beds, you'd probably use two twin sheets? I don't know if I'm picturing this in my head properly, but that seems like sleeping in proximity rather than together.

Also . . . regarding using the adjustability for nursing, I'm guessing you mean nursing sitting up? Many of the moms I know were nursing laying down on their sides -- I would get so tired that I'd be scared to hold the baby lest I fall asleep and drop them. It was nice to lay with my back to the edge, nursing and knowing that even if I drifted off, there was a good 4 feet before the baby could roll off.

If you're sold on the adjustable bed, then disregard ;o) -- but I think I would look into those wedges you can place under the mattress for times when you want to sit up. And add bed rails on either side and the bed becomes magically much wider -- you can snuggle together or get plenty of space with no risk of the baby rolling off.

Hope there was something of use in there . . .
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If you're about to have a baby, you may not have to worry about the "lovelife" part quite so often and for some time, and will almost certainly prioritize comfort during what little sleeping time you will get.
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If you're about to have a baby, you may not have to worry about the "lovelife" part quite so often and for some time

That month or so after the baby is born passes pretty quickly, actually.

But I would consider whether there's any real point to an adjustable bed when you can really just pile up some pillows to lean on if you really want to sit up in the bed. Also, I have a 3-month-old baby and I would advise figuring out just how and where your wife prefers to feed the baby before you spend a bunch of money on something that assumes she'll be comfortable doing it in the bed.

I'd spend the money on a nice gliding rocker if I were you.
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