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My choices for cameras have been limited by my requirement that it has to have a flexible display, such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50, or the newly released Canon 60D. But maybe I'm thinking the wrong way... Is there a way to plug a portable video screen into my camera, and achieve the same viewing flexibility?

My principal reason is mushroom photography: when photographing something that only rises 1 cm out of the muck, I'm not too keen on lying down to see my shot. However, I also use the screen a lot for candid photography (street, events, and capturing smiles on shy friends).

The 60D is the first SLR I'm aware of that incorporates such a screen, BTW; I assume (if it's successful) that more will follow. However, I'd really prefer an EVIL to a DSLR (weight & noise considerations). An EVIL with a full-frame detector and flexible LCD screen... now that would excite me - but I can't hold my breath that long.

So... external viewer, or built-in flexible LCD screen? If external, what are my choices? Obviously, I carry around an LCD tablet, but that's not really practical. Can camera video outputs feed live to IPOD/Android smartphones? Something else entirely, dedicated to my camera use?

Any other ideas, hive mind?
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Something like this? Beyond that, there *are* monitor screens that slip into the hot shoe of a camera.
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Olympus has an accessory electronic viewfinder for the E-P cameras that tilts up, but you'd still have to put your eye up to it, so not sure it would work for what you have in mind.
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The Panasonic DMC-FZ100 series, DMC-GH1 series, DMC-G2 series, and DMC-GH2 series all are EVILs and have the freely-adjustable display screens.

I have a DMC-FZ50. It is easy to use and takes decent pictures. Even at highest quality/lowest compression, the JPEG pictures it shoots are a bit "noisy", but it shoots great in RAW. I have noticed that especially when using the Electronic ViewFinder (EVF), it can be very difficult to manually focus with much precision. The EVF just doesn't have the resolution that a purely optical system would have, and I often find myself rocking the focus back and forth, back and forth, and wind up taking my best guess. It's a bit better using the larger display, but that can be hard to see in bright sunlight and still suffers from the same resolution problem, if to a lesser degree.

My DMC-FZ50 does have an AV out, but I don't remember if that worked only for playback/review or if it was active in shooting mode as well. I can find out.

Panasonic has some even smaller EVILs like the DMC-GF2 series, which are basically a point-and-shoot body that uses smaller interchangeable lenses. The models I have seen do not have the adjustable display though.
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Response by poster: notsnot, the Canon G11 has a 1/1.7" sensor, and doesn't have lens interchangeability, so all it really provides me with is the flexible screen - which I currently have. (OK, the 1/1.7" is twice as big as my current Canon SX10is, but only 1/20 the size of a full 35mm sensor.)

The "monitor screens that slip into the hot shoe of a camera" sound more like what I'm looking for. I'll go looking....

xedrik - my last camera was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50, and it's 1/1.8" - essentially the same as the Canon G11. Again, I'm hoping to move up to better low-light response. In fact, my choice of the Canon SX10 to replace this is drove home the noise issue, since the basic, preprocessing Signal-to-Noise Ratio doubled when I moved to the Canon. Wrong direction! I learned my lesson then.
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Response by poster: Found these:

Nikon D5000 has an APSC sensor (roughly half the area of a full-sized 35mm sensor), at $550-$650.

It looks like external monitors that snap into the hotshoe start at abut $200-$250.

This guy sells a homemade wireless unit, complete with video screen, for about $200. It's nowhere near as tidy as the hotshoe mounts, but allows better resolution than VGA.
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Best answer: Maybe something relatively low-tech, like this mirror or this right angle finder?
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Yes, you can do this, it's often done in the amateur filmmaking community.

Get a camera with an HDMI output like the aforementioned GH1/2, and then get an HDMI monitor like this one.
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Response by poster: OK, dunno why my comments weren't saved...

Monday, stony Monday, at $15 that mirror-protector is wonderful! And at $70 the right angle finder is pretty affordable, too.

fake, your link sent me on a quest to find the best hi-res, smallest HDMI screen. Nothing under 7" really exists with greater than VGA res, alas. Not uber-portable at those sizes.

Thanks to all! I knew the hive mind could think outside my box!
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