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New Homeowner - Looking for a good maintenance schedule

I just bought my first house and am enjoying the fun of finding all the little quirks that the previous owners didn't disclose and the inspector (amazing though he was) didn't find. But once I take care of these tasks, I don't know what to do next. I've been looking online for a good maintenance schedule (do these things seasonally, do these things annually, etc) and while I found a few, I wasn't always sure of the validity, or knew things were missing.

So to sum up, can anyone point out a website or a book with a good house maintenance schedule?
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Whatever you find, make sure it includes getting air ducts professionally cleaned. The house I'm in now hasn't had it done in at least 7 years, so after the bathroom is put back together, that's next.

Also, you might want a separate list of cleaning tasks on an annual schedule. Pulling the fridge and stove away from the wall to clean behind is...often overlooked.
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I don't know about an overall maintenance schedule, but two things you might want to set up are regular pest control (depending on where you live) and biannual HVAC inspection.
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Did you get a binder from the home inspector with all sorts of various tasks etc ? (we did, and that formed the basis of my spring/fall inspections)..

Generally, learn your attic and/or crawlspace. Look for leaks, bugs, mold, dead things, etc.

Change your furnace air filter regularly.

And probably a zillion other things ;)
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This checklist is a good start. They also publish a book called the Homeowner's Inspection Checklist if you are looking for more detail. It's listed at the bottom of the page.
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Get Rich Slowly has several. Thanks for this question, I'm working right now on my first big home project but I don't have a spring-cleaning/winterizing schedule in place yet.
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I remember reading a blog post somewhere that referenced some great checklists; the ones I bookmarked:

-Home Maintenance Checklist, courtesy Mr. Bob Vila
-And this guy's (which I think I liked because of it's brevity)
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