Movie about losing a loved one in a card game in a snowy mining town?
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Name-That-Movie-Filter: I saw a movie about ten years ago that had a lot of snow. And a card game where someone may have put his wife and/or child up as collateral. And a mining town, likely in the Eastern Sierra; for some reason, I associate the movie with the approximate location of the folk song "Darcy Farrow". There may have been a plot point that the guy who lost his [daughter/wife] tries to marry the child, later, or maybe his enemy does. Help?
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Best answer: The Claim, by Michael Winterbottom?
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Best answer: +1 for The Claim. Do you remember an octagonal house being moved by ropes?

If you can remember nothing else about the plot but snow and gambling that's fine; but if you've managed to forget that it starred Sarah Polley AND Milla Jovovich AND Nastassja Kinski...well, I pity you sir, I truly do.
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Response by poster: DINGDINGDING! I guess my searches always had "poker" in them which threw the whole thing off.

I'm terrible with connecting names and faces, bartleby, so there's that.
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"the claim" was a modern adaptation of thomas hardy's the mayor of casterbridge.
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