Simple PDF of Photos question?
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How do I make a PDF file of several photos that will show the names of each photo. On a Mac. Preferably, just using the MacOS' Preview application.

To make life easier for my clients, I need me to make PDFs that like this one. I would like to make a single PDF file from a set of photos that I need to attach to emails. I would like to be able to just select them using the Preview applications that came with my Mac. Here is a link to the actual PDF, if you would like a closer look.

If you look closely at the image, you will see that each photo has it's own name. I would like to be able to do this after I get the photos into the application. Otherwise, I would have a lot of similarly named files on my computer.

Is there a simple way to do this just using the Preview app? If not, what shoud I be using to make this? I have Office 2008.

(If it helps any, I am using 10.6.6 and Preview 5.0.3)


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You can build a multipage PDF out of images in Preview fairly straightforwardly.

First open one image, do File > Save As, and change the format to PDF.

Then click the toolbar button to show the Sidebar and set the view to Thumbnail instead of Table of Contents (this is just to make drag-and-drop easier with a larger target).

Open your other images in Preview and if they don't automatically show the Sidebar, open it in each of them, too.

Drag an image thumbnail from a sidebar on top of the little thumbnail of the first page of your PDF. Continue doing this until all your pages are grouped together into one file. You can rearrange the page order once you have a few pages made.

What Preview can't do is manage the Table of Contets for a PDF, so you can't add names to each page. One app I've seen recommended for that is PDFPenPro, which is unfortunately a hundred bucks. But I have not researched this part very much as I use the full version of Acrobat.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the input, bcwinters.

I forgot to mention that I know how to make all of the files into one PDF file, but I really want to be able to name the files in the PDF.
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Oh, here's another app to consider—PDFOutliner, which is available from the App Store [direct link] and available at a much more reasonable $4.99.
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It's not Preview, but iPhoto is included on every Mac:

Select any pictures you want in the PDF.

File>Print…>Contact Sheet>Customize…>Print>PDF>Save as PDF…
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