Video Information Design Examples
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I am looking for short videos | animations that show good information design. They could be scientific, engineering, educational or even artistic, as long as they provide clear demonstrations and explanations about dynamic processes, and do so with some graphic / 3d / animation flair.

I am trying to teach 100 architecture students how to use 3d-animation as something other than eye-candy, and am preparing a lecture on the use of video and other media to illustrate complex dynamic processes. The talk will start by presenting some of Tufte's principles, chartjunk, data density, layering, small multiples, etc. I am looking for examples of these (and other) principles as they relate to moving images.
They don't need to be contemporary, in fact I'm using Melies' "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" as an early example of Animated Narratives. The media should be online, as I have no funding for this. Good 2d representations of multi-variate phenomena are welcome as well.
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Animated Gas Turbine Parts, courtesy of NASA.
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This Royksopp video, "Remind Me" is a feast of information design used in an artistic way. Tufte would be proud.
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FearTormento: I actually already downloaded "Remind Me"! (it was mentioned on Tufte's site, in fact). Good call, that's the sort of thing I'm looking for.
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PLEIX has a film called "PLAID: itsu" on the right hand column that is really, truly, fantastically wonderful. The Royksopp video reminds me of it...
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In a similar vein as SprintF: Journey through a jet engine.
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Hybrid Medical Animation - although I can't vouch for any of it as "good" - it's attractive, but scientifically, meh.
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