Animated movie about a boy taking revenge on a nobleman?
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(Russian?) Animated movie about a boy taking revenge on a nobleman?

Somewhere around 1985-1995, I saw a movie on Radio-Québec (as it was then called), during their "Ciné-cadeaux" annual holiday series of animated movies.

The setting looked Russian-ish, with animation reminescent (to me) of The King and the Mockingbird. At the beginning of the movie, our (young) hero is unjustly punished by some sort of nobleman; he receives something like 100 strokes of a stick. For the rest of the movie, the hero tricks the bad guy into putting himself in a position where he can be hit, and then gives back the punishment, something like 20 strokes at a time.
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I very strongly doubt this is it, but here's the Soviet animated version of A. S. Pushkin's story in verse, The Tale of the Clergyman and Dolt, His Servant. Wikipedia translates the title somewhat differently, but it should give you an idea. The story in a nutshell is that a clergyman hires a servant for cheap in exchange for letting him strike him on the forehead three times. When the time to pay up comes, the clergyman tries to give his servant a variety of impossible fairy-tale tasks. The servant succeeds at every task and beats the clergyman silly.
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It isn't it; the movie was feature-length.
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