Help me find a compatible job position in the tech industry
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Help me find a compatible job position in the tech industry

I've been a geek since I was 3 years old. Essentially, everything I've done through college has prepared me to be in the tech industry. Tech is where my passion is, specifically web and software. I really love it all. But, I want to be more than a spectator. I want to be part of this beautifully chaotic industry called tech.

Here is where my course changed...
After graduating with a Computer Science degree, I had a great opportunity to grow my management skills in the Manufacturing industry. I got promoted regularly within the same company to manage IT, Finance, Purchasing, Planning and Operations. Each time, I got to manage a different group of people and learned how an international business works.

The problem:
I love managing, but I don't have a passion for Manufacturing. I know I love tech and want to pursue an industry change. The problem is, I'm not sure what type of job I'm looking for! I know one thing, I don't want to be a programmer. I programmed briefly after college (and was moderately confident in my skills), but it wasn't something that I enjoyed long term.

The question:
So far, I've found that "Project manager" sounds like a possibility. Are there any other positions (that are not programming) that I should consider?

Some skills/background:
* Communicating - I'm usually the guy who bridges the gaps between departments and does training. I can whip up an epic Powerpoint that is on par with an Apple presentation. I love communicating visually and verbally, but the written word doesn't scare me.
* Very process oriented - I love the challenge of making a simple and effective process
* I love to problem solve
* I'm a quick learner and have a broad skill set (finance, logistics, programming, IT, purchasing, customer service, sales, HR)
* I've successfully managed a wide range of people. I'm not afraid of managing programmers.

Thanks for any guidance! If it helps, I live in the Bay Area.
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Sounds like you would make a great Technical Business Analyst. The key is to communicate effectively among technical and non technical individuals, business users, management..etc. You have to be very detail oriented, organized and also know alot about technology.

That's how I started off...
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(Software) Development Manager. You sound ideal.
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Um, seem ideal. I don't know what you sound like.
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Developer relations/developer evangelist? Someone who encourages outside developers to use their company's APIs to do rad stuff. Lots of liaising between internal and external software teams, a certain amount of technical workload but probably not enough to bore you, and it seems like they wear lots of different hats (presenting at conferences, playing helpdesk in forums, gatekeeping releases, analyzing usage to advise developers on changes to services). I work on service development at a largeish software company and our developer evangelists are super invaluable to us - they keep an eye on what our external users want and need, so we don't have to, and they are the voice that communicates with the outside world about our updates, bug fixes, and new services.
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There are approximately a million billion tech meetups in the bay area every week. Go to some of them, talk to people and ask them about their projects. I've found people very willing to give advice, help, and make connections to other useful people.
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Hey colecovizion, my employer is hiring a position that might fit you. It's a combination of project manager / sales (more fund-raising -- non-profit). MeFi-mail me for more info.
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I would check into the scrum software development process--a scrum master might be something you'd like.
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Look into the Service Manager route (perhaps an ITIL certification also). Learn how IT Services are delivered across the lifecycle and you will be set to manage any technical service delivery team or lead new business pursuits.
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Response by poster: Wow, great responses! It looks like I came to the right place. Thanks for all of your suggestions.

Squasher- Is there any meetup in particular that you can recommend?

Fleeba- We'll be in touch!

Sexymofo- Scrum looks interesting. I've learned a few of these project management approaches in school, but didn't see this one.
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