They Swarm - but where?
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Another lost movie question, but this time I know the title ... or thought I did. I'm looking for "They Swarm", a film about a swarm of huge beetles approaching a northern US island under the watch of an inexperienced young sheriff. Nothing comes up on IMDB or the internet for that title. It's not "The Swarm", the 1978 film about killer bees.

I saw this on the UK satellite channel Bravo, some time in 2002-2006. It was set on a small, populated but very isolated island in the winter. A swarm of black beetles, each about the size of a fist, was approaching with a storm and it was a race against time for the character(s) who'd figured this out to alert the rest of the islanders and get them to safety.

The sheriff of the town had died mysteriously and his young deputy found himself in charge of the situation. There was a very memorable scene where several of the characters gathered around to perform an autopsy on the older sheriff's body in the morgue. They cut open his body cavity to find it stuffed with these horrible insects!

This wasn't a high budget movie and was quite possibly made-for-TV or direct-to-DVD. I don't remember it being terrible or ridiculously cheap-looking, though.

I've been trying to look this film up, on and off, for a couple of years but haven't found anything, even using IMDB keyword search. I was really sure the title was "They Swarm" but maybe I've got it wrong.

Thanks for any help!
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Best answer: They Nest?

I did some searching and this came up and the 'They' made me wonder if it's the one.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Brockles, that's it! It's such a relief to have identified it after so long (and now I can show it to my bad film club).
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