What is DVD IZ?
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I want to buy a brand new sealed R1 DVD from an Ebay shop, but it's described as a 'NEW DVD IZ', which I don't understand - what on earth is 'IZ'?
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Why don't you ask the Ebay shop, who will presumably be happy to tell you so they can sell you more stuff?
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Response by poster: That was my first thought, but after two requests still no answer, sadly.
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is that an letter "I" or a number "1?" Soemtimes they refer to regions as Zones.
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What DVD was it?
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If you google for "dvd iz", you get a fairly specific set of results. A number about "Iz: The man behind the music", a number of pages in foreign languages where "iz" means "is" ("dvd iz..." -> "this dvd is ..."), and a bunch of results for "NEW DVD IZ".

From clicking on a number of those latter links, you pretty much always get redirected to an ebay store. Could it be that "NEW DVD IZ" was chosen as the seller of the DVDs as an identifier string? You know, so people can find his DVDs better, and differentiate them in ebay listings?
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Response by poster: It's the fantastic 'G. I. Samurai', a very silly (but truly wonderful) time-travel/martial arts film for sale very cheaply here. I've had it on an ancient '80s ex-rental video for a while but it's only just been released on DVD.

I did Google for the answer as well and came up with he same not entirely satisfactory results (hence me asking here), but you're right, it looks like it may just be a Megabuys.com suffix...

Thank you all, I've ordered the DVD now and am greatly looking forward to an '80s video nostalgia night of samurai vs. tanks!
posted by timpollard at 5:51 AM on April 29, 2005

This may be too late, but...

That was my first thought, but after two requests still no answer, sadly.

Are you sure this is someone you want to give money to?
posted by Kellydamnit at 6:28 AM on April 29, 2005

Why Google it? eBay has its own search engine.

The first eBay listing I read using that search term stated that the seller is part of some company called "Izone" which claims to be one of the largest eBay sellers. They have positive feedback in the 80 thousands. It's just an embedded term that they think helps people find their listings. It's clearly named right there on the page.

They probably didn't respond because they seem to be some kind of massive clearance/distribution center.
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I'm with Kellydamnit. I wouldn't buy from a seller who a) doesn't respond to emails and b) averages 70 negative and 75 neutral feedbacks per month.
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