Can you identify this film?
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Back in the mid 90s I and a friend were up at 4am and saw a comedy so gloriously quirky we couldn't believe we were watching it. It was on TNT or another network that broadcasts back to back B-movies.

Plot points are as follows:
  • A group of eccentric, fugitive dissidents are living aboard a nuclear-powered B52.
  • Most of the crew are disaffected Vietnam vets.
  • One character is some kind of rasta. Another is a classic grizzled combat vet.
  • The radar operator is a paranoid stoner, chain-smoking joints in rainbow papers.
  • There is a younger, Buck-Rogers type who ferries intel and supplies between the ground and the plane via jetpack.
  • Another young crew member is a Vietnamese war orphan. He spends the entire movie meditating next to an atom bomb.
  • The film's central antagonist is a Thatcher-like candidate for the US presidency.
  • At one point she orders the plane shot down. The anti-aircraft missiles are thwarted by the hippie-missile-defense system, which is Hendrix's star spangled banner played really loud.
  • At the film's climax the meditating war orphan pulls a lever which releases the bomb. It falls through the ceiling of a TV studio where the candidate is giving a speech. Instead of an explosion, building debris tear off her clothes, revealing she's really a cross-dressing he.
  • The day is saved, the dissidents are exonerated, the guy with the jetpack gets the girl.

My friend and I were nearing the end of a 48 hour bender and kept asking each other if we were really seeing the same thing. To add to the surreality, the title was never mentioned at breaks. When it was over there was another quick cut to commercial. It was as if the network programmers didn't want anyone to name the film when they called to complain.

Was it real? I'm not ruling out a shared hallucination. Both are equally likely.
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I'm sorry that I can't help you, but this is now my favorite movie. If it doesn't exist I think it might be necessary to make it.
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Best answer: Riders of the Storm ;)
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The American Way
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IMDB can maybe help? <- keyword search for submarine.
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I actually found it by looking up Jimi Hendrix on IMDB.
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Response by poster: Oh my god thank you.

I now have to watch every movie Salvatore Santangelo has ever made.
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Response by poster: Oh wait he's not the director. Maurice Phillips is.
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Best answer: I believe the movie you're thinking of is "The American Way" a.k.a. "Riders of the Storm", which was a Dennis Hopper movie from the mid-80's.

On preview:
Goddamit. My bastard, idiot co-workers distracted me so I couldn't respond sooner and had this left in a preview window while 8 other people responded.

So let me add a link to youtube user Graphite42Vault, who has uploaded the whole thing, starting with part 1 of 9 here
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I remember going to see this at the Scala in King's Cross, and being so taken by its silliness and Dennis Hopper overload that I dragged three different sets of friends to see it. Nobody was as impressed with it as I was.

And now I have to dig it out again and see whether it stands the test of time. Thank you for the flashback!
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It's even on YouTube!
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I love the scene where the technician is repairing one of the engines in mid-flight during a storm, and he is yelling at the crew make sure that his Italian Opera music is loud enough on his headphone feed.
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Now do you believe in Science, captain?
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