Where to mail 35mm film for developing?
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Yes, it's true, there are still Luddites out here using 35mm film. The local concern which still develops films charges a queen's ransom to do so. Can anyone recommend a mail-in film developing lab which does good quality work, is reliable and is at least somewhat reasonable as far as price? (Costco in this area has stopped taking film...sigh). (can't think of any snowflakes to add).
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Walmart has some pretty reasonable prices and they'll even put it on a CD for you.

They are the place I took my last rolls to. As long as you're ok with waiting a week to get your pictures. :)
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My lab is now Photoworks SF, they're reasonably quick, reliable and I find their pricing decent. They pay postage for sending film in, too.
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Walmart, definitely.

There's an affordable mail order place called Dwaynes Photo that I used for 120 film once, they were cheap, but mediocre compared to other labs.

Film developing is getting more exclusive and pricey.
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For e6 (color slides) I use a&i mailers. Buy them from B&H photo though, they're slightly cheaper.
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Check your local Target. The Costco photo guy told me just yesterday that they've stopped offering it but the Target next door still does, and it's only a dollar more than Costco used to charge.
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Not to be a plug for my job or anything but I work for photoworks! if you want to send us your film you can memail me and I will give you the special treatment. (this goes for anyone else if you are interested).
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For standard negative film snapfish.com has been reliable and not exorbitant.
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Be careful using Walmart. Some friends of ours lost several rolls of film after sending them to Walmart and never saw them again and never got the prints.
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Correction: they took them to Walmart, it wasn't a mail issue or anything.
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I love the dip and dunk (no scratches from being pulled through on rollers) job that Samy's does on E6
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I am not sure how much a queen's ransom is for film processing or where you're located but I work at Dan's Camera City in PA and we still process neg, slide and traditional black and white film. We do mail order services and have lots of customers that are mail order only.

There is also Color Services in Needham, MA. They do awesome, awesome work!
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Response by poster: Thanks a million everybody....I appreciate your suggestions and look forward to trying them.
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