Please help me save my patent leather shoes!
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Can these shoes be saved? My cat scratched up my new patent leather pumps.

I just bought these patent leather pumps (YESTERDAY. I just bought them YESTERDAY), and was excited to wear them today. On my way to work, I looked down and noticed that the toe of the right shoe and the heel and side of the left shoe are now covered in scratch marks and gouges. I have two very bad cats and a very bad dog, but close examination of the scratch marks has led me to the culprit (the worst cat).

He and I will have a very serious chat about this, but (how) can I save these shoes? Would shoe polish help? Maybe vigorous rubbing or towelling or waxing of some sort? Take them to a cobbler? Please help, these shoes are now out of stock and I love them so. If they are a complete loss, well, so be it, but I'd like to exhaust all my options first. Thank you!
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I would take them to a cobbler to see what they can do. They're faux leather, so the care will likely be different.
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I feel like I have seen "patent leather shoe polish" on the shelf at the store, but no clue if it actually works (I almost accidentally bought it instead of the regular kind)
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Meanwhile, I have become a fan of bitter cherry spray. Tastes really vile, not harmful, smells okay. Cause the Cute Little Dog did the same thing to some new shoes.
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Best answer: I would suggest oil pastels or nail polish in a matching colour... but... very... carefully...
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Response by poster: Great idea, tel3path, thanks! The gouge marks are pretty deep, and that might help kind of fill them in (as well as restore the color).
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