Where can I find this simple stone birdbath?
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Where can I find a very simple stone block birdbath?

At the Mass Audubon Moose Hill Visitor's Center (Sharon, MA) there is a birdbath that is a single square slab of granite or maybe dark sandstone. It is about 6 inches thick and a perfectly concave spherical bowl has been carved into it. It is very simple.

I want this same birdbath for my yard.

I've asked the people at the visitor center a few times and they could not tell me where it came from.

My google-fu is not sufficiently powerful to crack this nut without your help, MeFites.
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I think Wild Birds Unlimited has them. They also have terrific people in their stores.
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Hmm, their online store doesn't seem to offer them, but I definitely remember seeing them in a retail outlet. And the staff can definitely point you in the right direction.
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A keyword that might help you search is wabi basin.
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This sounds very similar to a birdbath I have. It consists of two parts: a two foot tall slightly trapazoidal (tapering from 8" to 6") base, with a 4" thick by 18" wide cylander with a hollowed-out depression. I bought it locally at a nursery here on Long Island. Wish I had more for you.

(memail me, & I'll send photos)
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