Who said/wrote this?
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Do you know who said/wrote/chiseled this phrase: "Every petal of every flower, and every rich tone of wood celebrates our song."

I was walking in Coconut Grove, Miami, and saw this phrase in stone on the facade of the Mayfair Hotel -- but it's not on Google!

Any thoughts about its origin?
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Sounds sort of like this (a snippet):

"It often seemed as though the wood, and all the life within it, must be celebrating some holy feast, so rich and solemn were the melodies that the birch-tree sang to the world. But the happiest listener of all was the fountain! Was not every tone, every harmonious sigh, yes, every breath of the beloved tree audible to her before all others?"

Elise Polko, translated by Fanny Malone Raymond.

From Dwight's Journal of Music
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It might just be the Mayfair's slogan/vision statement type of thing, to advertise their aesthetic or to entice people into their spa (Googling various combinations of the words in the quote + Mayfair + Miami leads to a lot of reviews for the spa).
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Or maybe it was part of the monthly Soul of Miami Art Walk?
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Response by poster: i should have mentioned -- it's etched into the stone of the facade, like 1920s style...
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