CESAB BLITZ 315 forklift service manual
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CESAB BLITZ 315 forklift service manual


I have reached the end of my searches for the Cesab Blitz 315 service manual. I have searched everywhere to no avail.

I am reaching out to the wisdom of the MeFi, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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Here's the translator for the manual. Poor sod has the most boring job in the world. Maybe he could steer you in the right direction?
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Usually I look for an authorized dealer of the brand of machinery I want the manual for, and order it from them.

I did a google search on "cesab forklift authorized dealer" and found a big UK dealer, as well as CESAB's own site. Try contacting either of them. CESAB doesn't appear to have US dealers.

One warning - service manuals can be expensive - some of them for newer farm equipment are over $100.
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Operator manuals are cheaper, though.
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Response by poster: I have found a dealer here in Romania, but the problem is that if i contact them and request the service manual they will ask me to have the equipment repaired at their service center which tends to be a lot more expensive than the place I have found, which also deals with these kinds of repairs but at a more reasonable price.
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Maybe contact a dealer a long way away from where you are and ask to purchase a photocopy of their manual.

It appears that CESAB operator manuals and parts catalogs each cover a wide range of models. Might this be the case for your workshop manual as well? Maybe try broadening your search to just "Cesab manual."

Just trying that out produced this result. I dunno whether it's relevant. The forum itself looks like they might have a better chance at answering this question than most of us, though..
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Response by poster: @ Ahab

I have found the forum and emailed 2 people from there. Awaiting a response.
Also i will try calling the dealer tomorrow as they are closed for the day.
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