I loved you Guenivere, I loved you Guenivere, I loved you
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DCFC fans: How would you accurately figure out how many times Ben Gibbard has sung the word “Guenivere” to date? What resources would you use?

I know there are sites such as dcfc-tour.net and setlist.fm to browse through to get a rough estimate. I think the hard part would be to track down all the radio/in-store/misc. performances where he's played that song.
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Well, he says it 23 times per song according to the lyrics I googled. setlist.fm says it's been played 77 times by DCFC on tour, first on Dec 22 2000 (which seems reasonable considering The Photo Album came out in Oct 2001). If I make a wild-ass guess and say they have about 3 other performances per tour performance (radio, in-store, whatever) and assume the We Laugh Indoors is played about as often for those as it appears on the tour setlist, then you can ballpark that he's said it at least:

23 * 4 * 77 = 7084

...times with an audience. Obviously this doesn't account for practice, recording, etc.
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