Any good new splitscreen xbox games?
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What are some good multiplayer xbox360 games that can be played on one TV screen? Co-op preferred...

I've done a search but the closest similiar question's from a while ago.

My friend and I like to play in his living room, so on one screen only. 2 player versus modes when we're both in the same room are kind of boring so we've been having more fun with co-op modes - mostly all the Halo Games.

We tried the latest Tomb Raider (with the co-op campaign) but didn't much care for it.

Any suggestions for games we could try? My experience is all with PC games!
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Best answer: Great games with split-screen co-op:
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
Castle Crashers
EDF 2017
Modern Warfare 2 has a bunch of Spec Ops levels (one-off missions), all(?) of which can be done 2-player co-op in split-screen. You can't play the campaign co-op, but the Spec Op missions should last you a while.
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Oh, and all of the Lego games (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter) have co-op. As far as I can tell the gameplay in all is pretty much identical (i.e. fun!) so just choose which ever franchise you prefer.
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Here's the full list.

I found the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games to be pretty fun co-op, as well as the aforementioned Castle Crashers and EDF.
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I'm not much of a gamer these days, but if you're not averse to a bit of mindless (and totally homoerotic) action, you might enjoy blasting through Gears of War and its sequel in co-op mode.

You might also enjoy Resident Evil 5 if you're interested in a (very slightly) more cerebral experience, terrible voice acting or playing as a girl.
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Earth Defense 2017, mentioned above, is some damn fine co-op.
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I'm a huge fan of Borderlands. Fast paced FPS-RPG with coop main campaign and expansions. There's also some optional PvP arenas, but you have to go to specific places so you friend can't frag you randomly.
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If it sounds fun co-operatively blowing up giant insects, colossal laser-wielding robots, countless innocent buildings, and the occasional Godzilla or immense hovering mothership, all while panicked anonymous soldiers scream in Japanese over your radio, I heartily recommend the Earth Defense Force series. There ought to be a new one coming out very, very soon:

Definitely one of the most fun game series I've ever played :D
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Since the last few questions like this, there have been some XBLA titles out that have splitscreen. Monday Night Combat is a cool tower defense shooty game, you can play co-op online with both screens, or play vs waves of bots. Toy Soldiers is also tower-defensy game where you take over turrets or drive little vehicles, its vs only. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter has splitscreen co-op old school shooty goodness, I havent tried it on the 360 yet but heard good things though.

On Xbox Live Indie Games, there is a little gem called "Protect Me Knight" its up to 4 players, same screen, and has this awesome 8-bit aesthetic. The excellent radiangames titles on XBLIG usually have same screen twin stick shooter options. These games are like $1 each and have demos.

Huge Borderlands fan here, it's awesome co-op, but a warning that the menus are kind of hard to deal with in splitscreen. I do heartily recommend Castle Crashers, and a new Earth Defense Force is coming out in a month or so, I assume that'll have splitscreen and be a little more polished than the old one (though the old one is ridiculously goofy). Also, Burnout Revenge is great, it's the last Burnout that has splitscreen.
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Dunno if either of these games would be up your alley, but Fable 3 and Plants Vs. Zombies both feature non-splitscreen co-op play.
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Call of Duty Black Ops has a really great zombie mode.
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a new Earth Defense Force is coming out in a month or so, I assume that'll have splitscreen and be a little more polished than the old one

It's not being developed by Sandlot, and thus I'm not expecting it to be better than 2017, to be honest. I sure hope I'm wrong, though.

(though the old one is ridiculously goofy)

Yes, it is, and this is a very good thing. EDF! EDF!
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Sorry for the double-post, forgot to add that EDF 2017 is also available via Games on Demand.
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My boyfriend and I have the same problem finding stuff we like to play together, but the Left for Deads are really fun, as well as the Army of 2 games, if you're good at first person shooters (I'm not particularly haha) its also pretty fun if you have a live account you can piggy back on COD: Black Ops and both play for the same team, which I think is really fun!
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Dynasty Warriors 6 (note that 7 comes out in about a week) and Samurai Warriors 2 are great fun with 2 player local coop. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 has local coop os well.

In terms of XBLA games I also have Castle Crashers (coop) of course, as well as Carcassone (competetive), Toy Soldiers (competetive), Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers (coop).
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Response by poster: Castle Crashers is awesome as it turns out!
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