Bachelor Party Ideas
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20 guys in a house for a weekend. I need non-strippery ideas for a bachelor party. Please help.

So far we've got:
-whiskey tasting
-video games
-rented Segway to mess around with

Any other ideas? We're trying to stay in the house all weekend. I'd love to bring in some experts to teach us various cool/manly things, but so far the whiskey tasting is the only one on the books. Other than that, fun, easy-to-pull-off activities would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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Slip and slides can be the best/worst idea around when there is alcohol involved.

You could also rent one of those inflatable jumpers.
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Rent a popcorn machine.
Big screen television and some four-person games to play.
Hire a bartender to teach a little mixology.
Stacks of the worst "niche" pornography you can find: plump women, old ladies, scat...and mix them in with some "tasteful" lad-mags like Maxim, Playboy, and Esquire.
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- Water balloon & super soaker fights
- Beer pong
- Poker
- Repair / upgrade the groom's car
- Karaoke
- Horseshoes
- Dominoes (the game, not the pizza)
- Darts
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After the whiskey tasting I think you should all choreograph a dance, perform it and upload it to YouTube. And then link to it here.
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I agree with iconomy. In the most manliest fashion.
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Have you seen this previous thread?
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Also: the best bachelor parties I've been to (and the best I've thrown) were unstructured, random affairs, with copious amounts of games, booze, smokes, pornography, sports equipment, fishing gear, steaks, chips, candy, and did I mention booze? Don't try to plan it out like a five year old's birthday party, provide the vices and let guys decide what they want to do.
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Super Soaker fights! Yes! Yes! Also: nighttime "Capture the Flag."
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Oh, for the grill, get meats that you can't screw up: beef, sausages, burgers. Don't mess with chicken. Too easy to make people sick.
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I can't believe nobody's mentioned card games. With or without gambling, your favourite card game is a sure-fire way to socialise loudly and offensively.
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What city? Find a sporting event to go -- basketball, hockey. Hell, even boxing. Rent a small bus to get you all there and back safely, so you can drink enormously and not have to worry.
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You guys WILL need some down time. Rent a few awesome manly movies.
Fight Club, Brave heart, Snatch, etc? Good to have on the TV while people slowly wake up and chill out while hung over- eating breakfast....
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20 people over a day and a half can have a tournament of "some 2 hour game." Canasta, Halo 3, pushups, maybe two disparate tournaments run simultaneously: Poker & Drawing-pictures-of-people-playing-poker.
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At my bachelor party we had a Turducken and it was the most amazing thing ever.. We also played Texas hold-em and Cee-lo in the bed of a pickup truck. It was a lot of fun..
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Play Werewolf. It's a fun and engaging game just right for twenty people. No stripping required!
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Whiskey tasting and poker tournament?
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Casino night? I'm pretty sure you can contract with companies that will bring in dealers and everything.
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Have one of those guys show up with a trailed-made-from-a-barrel to do a pig roast. You can eat the leftovers the next days as sammiches.

If you can get sober, do a day trip hike somewhere: split into two groups and race to collect geocaches in the area, or do a scavenger hunt.

Have a fire at night and drink beer and pee in the woods and tell the bachelor how awesome married life is (because it is) and reminisce about guys who have taught you lessons.

And make sure you don't run out of beer.
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Paintball or Laser Tag is something my friend mentioned a few weeks ago as something they had for a bachelor party.
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Nerf guns and ball hockey.
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