Help me not waste this poppy seed deliciousness!
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I just made a double batch of these delicious tiny hamantaschen, and used the homemade poppy seed filling along with a bunch of different kinds of preserves to fill them. Since I used other fillings, too, I now have a whole bunch of the (yummy) poppy seed filling left. What tasty things can I do with it?
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Best answer: Use it in babka and rugelach, says the Washington Post.
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Best answer: Make challah (or buy some- New Sagaya has it). Toast. Lightly butter. Spread with poppyseed filling. Repeat. So delicious.
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poppy seed cake
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Pastry twists.
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Best answer: This reminds me of my granny who was from Bohemia and used lots of poppy seed in her cooking....You can make Schlutzkrapfen (a type of ravioli) and put poppy seed filling in them - serve with butter. You can also fill small potato dumplings with it, or yeast dough thingies (Buchteln). Oh, and of course you could make some Poppy Strudel - just use Phillo dough to wrap up the filling. Yum!
Here are some general ideas from lower Austrian cuisine which uses a lot of poppy seed.
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Best answer: Poppy seed roll or makowiec is the Eastern European thing to do.
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Make linguini. Dress the noodles with cottage cheese and poppy seeds. Serve cold.
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Babka, mostly. I think you could also make a tasty kugel with it.
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