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I've got a 689MB AVI on a machine with a CD burner, and I'd like to create a VCD that I can watch on my home DVD player.

Google pulls a number of options, but if anyone's had direct experience with such a thing, I'd appreciate your advice.
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Doom9.net should answer any questions you may have and some. Go to 'Guides' on the left hand side, select VCD/SVCD.

Depending on the codec the AVI is encoded in, it may be easy or it may be harder.
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I've tried quite a few programs that do this. WinAVI is by far the fastest I've come across and the easiest to use. It's not for tweakers though. It's software of the press a button, take a nap variety.
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If you use d.i.k.o, you can rip it to DVD format, that way it will work in ALL DVD players, not just ones that do VCD
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Philips 642 will play most avi files, including divx / mpeg4 ones. The big exception is files using qpel, whatever that might be. Run you ~$60--80.
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also, if its a 689 MB AVi file, it will most likely NOT fit on a cd as a VCD.
avi files usually take up alot less space than an MPG (VCD-DVD) file of the same quality. so you will have to put in on a DVD or split it onto two cds.

for making dvds out of my tv show avi files i bittorrented, I used DIVXtoDVD, it seemed to work fine for me.
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Download DVD2DVD. It's an all-purpose freeware converter. It will take your avi and cut into several mpeg-1 files suitable for dvds, or even image files of vcds for super-easy burning. All with just a few clicks.

This is the best program for learners-- it does a lot and it does it simply.
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