Movie scene with people frozen in a car
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I am trying to find the name of a movie I watched on TV when I was a young kid back in the 1970s. The film was about a group of people lost in a forest after a blizzard. At one point they find a car and start shouting, "It's the professor!" But when they get to the car the people inside it are frozen to death. I'm pretty sure it was a film for adults that was being broadcast on TV or it could have been made for TV.
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Could it have been The Territory?
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Response by poster: I don't think so--it had to be before 1980
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Yeah, that's the one thing I wasn't sure about. The next closest thing I found was Avalanche, but I can't find a reference to a car anywhere. Will keep looking.
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I remember this film too. I cannot remember the title. I just looked for it, with no luck. I will keep looking.
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Response by poster: yeah, it's not avalanche--i found that one. this is about people stuck during a blizzard. i think there also was a scene where they found a cabin and inside was a can of food but they had no way to open the can!
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I saw a film called Untamed about 2 years ago that sounds vaguely like what you describe but it's really old. Summary here - frozen guy in car, cabin in woods, blizzard.
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Response by poster: untamed sounds promising, though i don't think it was that old--it might have been a remake of it? where did you find untamed? I'm looking around online and can't see it for purchase or download or anything.
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