What coding languages Mint uses?
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I would like to build a website using methods similar to those seen on Mint.com, namely graphs, calculations, and interfacing with banking websites. Can anyone tell me what technologies they are using because I'm clueless from square one.
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I believe they use Yodlee to connect you to your data in other financial organization. They probably have a team of data annalists and graphic/information designers who worked with their programmers to create the data visualizations.
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That stackoverflow question might give you a few pointers.
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Response by poster: Both of you kick ass beyond what you could possibly know. Thank you for answering what my Facebook friends couldn't. :)
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Best answer: Oh, and if you plan to market your application, please do read Mark Hedlund's post on why Wesabe (a Mint competitor he co-founded) shut down.
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After Wesabe shut down, they decided to open-source it, and posted code for a personal version that could be run locally (Wesabe) to Github.
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Mint uses the Blueprint CSS framework for building their UI.
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You can also find out a lot about what a site is built with by using BuiltWith.com
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