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Which MetroPCS touchscreen phone to get? I'm moving to a major city with good MetroPCS coverage and I'm looking to get a new phone. Need help deciding which big screen phone to get.

I'm mostly down to the Samsung Craft, which is $249 with rebates. What it has that I like is a full size sliding querty keypad and a large touchscreen.

OTOH, the LG Banter also has a full size sliding querty keypad and a large touchscreen, but it only costs $149.

Both are available on all-size plans (40/50/60) and I would probably just get the $40 for now since it's what I have already and I'm not currently dying from lack of short texts, gps or friendfinder.

Does anyone know if
- there's a significant quality difference between those two phones (like, $100 upfront dollars worth)?
- there's another great phone in this price range I should be considering?
- I'm a fool to care about a big tactile keypad when there's touchscreen?
- etc?

I already have a Samsung Freeform on MPCS so I'm familiar with the service, its range, pricing, etc.
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Best answer: You may want to read this article about the Samsung Craft, "The Worst Cell Phone on Earth". I'm not sure that the LG Banter would be much better.

Perhaps you should take a look at both the Samsung Galaxy Indulge ($399) and the LG Optimus M ($149 after rebate).

Both of these phones require the $50/mo. plans and neither has a qwerty keyboard, but they are both Android phones. They both have touchscreens and the big thing here is that on the Android platform you'll be able to really take advantage of the touch screen. There are, I don't know.. a metric ton of apps available for free. I think you'd really be getting a lot more for your money in terms of functionality with either of these two.

If you absolutely must have a QWERTY, maybe the BlackBerry Curve 8530 ($199) would be a fit?

The difference in the phones I've listed here and the ones you originally listed is a somewhat hazy divide between a "Feature Phone" and a "Smart Phone". One way to look at this difference is the Phones you described, feature phones, do exactly what they say on the tin and that won't change for the entire time you own the device. Smart phones, like the androids and blackberries, have the ability for you to install your own software (apps).. meaning that they can gain functionality over the time that you own it. You can get that neat game or productivity app and make all of your friends jealous.. just some stuff to think about.
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If you want a real keyboard, the only "real" choice is a BB...either you want a touchscreen phone, or you want a keyboard...hard to find something that is both good and has a touchscreen and has a keyboard...
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Response by poster: thanks goHermGO, I read the linked article and got the lg optimus. I love it so far, except for how often it crashes - is this a thing for aborigines smart phones? anyway, I think this is the machine I wanted, so thanks for your timely advice.
ps: i love swype
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Response by poster: pps I love swype except when I have to type something three times and forget to erase one of the screwups. aborigines indeed
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