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Isn't there some simple way to list out all the fields in all the tables in an MS Access database?

I'm running Access 2000, and have just taken on a project that involves analysis of data in a bunch of tables. The database came with just the tables, and I have to create links between them for queries and all that. My question is, there's a lot of tables and many of them have lots of fields - isn't there some way that I could just get a listing of all the fields in the tables that I could print out and start to use to map relationships between fields in different tables?
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It'll walk you through a quick wizard that'll give you pithy stats on all of your tables.
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Under Sybase or MS SQL Sever you'd query the system tables:

select, from systables a, syscolumns b where = and a.type = "U" order by, b.colid

I'm sure there's an analogous query for Access.

Under sybase, if you wanted to see (defined) elationshops, you call sysdepends:

exec sysdepends "table1", "table2"
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If you have Visio you can go one step further and map out your database with ease. (Visio rocks)
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