Identify the white stockinged girl
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I'm wondering if anyone can identify a painting on the wall of a friend of mine from a brief description. It's a painting of a woman in her early-mid 20's, who looks vaguely like Bo Derek.

She's standing on one foor, with her back towards away, but slightly twisted about 45 degrees clockwise. She's wearing knee high black and white stockings, on one foot with her right leg bent back and her toes pointing up. Her right hand in pinching the sock over her right foot, pulling it up from her toes. She's wearing a blue-white tank top, and no underpants. She has straw blonde hair which hangs until just below her shoulders.

The background is a pond with small green bits of floating foilage, which fades seamlessly into the sky. Additionally, the figure of the girl raises out of the painting (i.e. if you touch the painting, you can feel where the girl figure is.

Anyone able to guess the painting?
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Response by poster: (Turned away, I mean.)
posted by chmmr at 2:05 AM on March 19, 2011

Response by poster: Got a picture now:
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Looks like Daryl Hannah to me.
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Looks like 80s era Kim Basinger. Maybe someone painted her in character from Nadine or Blind Date?
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Best answer: Doesn't look like a very professional work to me....a kitschy amateur work unlikely to have been seen by anyone but you and your friend. hope I'm wrong, though....
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First thing I thought was Jane Fonda in Barbarella . . . (google image search) Nothing there looks like a beach shot, but it might get you started.
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Best answer: MrMeira wondered about Brigitte Bardot?
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That looks a lot like Brigitte Bardot to me, but I can't find a similar picture of her to reference.
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Thirding Brigitte Bardot.
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Also looks a bit like Kristanna Loken.
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The first person I thought of was Bridgette Bardot as well. Have a good look at her lips, theres no mistaking those if it is her. And then theres her eyes.......
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Response by poster: I agree, it does look very much like Brigitte Bardot. Quisp Lover is right, in person it seems more like a kitschy work than pro. Probably unidentifiable, various GISs based on the suggestion here have turned up nothing specific. However, thank you all for your help!
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