Sun on my face, cappuccino in possible?
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Is there a good cafe/bar with wireless internet where one can sit outside in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville?

It's bloody beautiful out today. And I expect it often will be later in the year. Any recommendations for a cafe/bar with wireless internet where one can sit outside? Anyplace on the Red or Orange lines would suit ideally. Preferably free wireless, not opposed to starbucks but not sure of any off hand with outdoor seating.
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Harvard Square (Red Line) has free wifi, and there are a number of bars and cafes with outside seating: Shay's, Grendals, Peet's Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, Au Bon Pain...
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Andala in Central Square has free wifi and fab food and drink with outside seating. I'm pretty sure that that 1369 in Central has free wifi, and has a couple of outdoor tables. And Cafe Luna also has free wifi and outdoor seating.

So, yes - between Central and Harvard alone you have lots of great options!
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At least as of a year or two ago, 1369 had wifi, but it was for something like $10 a day. The other suggestions are spot on, though.
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L'aroma downtown

JP Lick's in JP (Orange Line - Green St stop)
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Darwin's LTD. (though you should get something so that you can get the wifi password)
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When it gets nicer out, there will be outdoor seating at the Starbucks in Davis Square. (I think they take it down during the winter.)
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