Global keyboard shortcuts in OS X
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How can I make sure that the global keyboard shortcuts I want to use on a Mac are not already taken?

Some apps give the option of assinging global keyboard shortcuts to invoke some functionality, but I wonder if I'm overriding some pre-existing use of that shortcut. How can I make sure that the shortcut isn't already taken?
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System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts tells you what you currently have.
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Check out the Apple support article listing the keyboard shortcuts.

Also, to see the global shortcuts, have a look in System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts for conflicts. You can also customize and add shortcuts there.
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(The Keyboard Shortcuts system prefs panel won't show you what keyboard shortcuts are assigned to an application unless you've done the assignment yourself.)

There isn't a way to get a master list from every application of what every key is going to do. At a certain point you have to resign yourself to scanning through menus and a bit of trial and error.

When in doubt I generally just assign extra modifiers to my own shortcuts (Command-option-shift whatever) so they're less likely to conflict with anything common. I also keep PDFs on hand of the keyboard shortcuts for heavy duty apps (anything from Adobe, for instance) so I can do a quick cross-check.
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Heh, last time I looked ALT+ESC was the only one that wasn't used, AND I TOOK IT.
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I have struggled with this for years., and don't have a satisfactory answer. One rule of thumb is that CMD + CTRL + whatever is generally available until you start adding 3rd party software to the system.
There is a program called KeyCuethat I have found to be extremely helpful.
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