Food and Fun in Downtown Denver?
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Where should I and friends eat and hang out after conference sessions in Denver next week?

I'm in Denver next Tuesday to Saturday for a conference at the Grand Hyatt, with no car. The days are full, but we're on our own at night, so I'm looking for restaurant and nightlife that's not too crazy. This AskMefi and this one (both from 2005) pointed me to a some places-- WaterCourse, Las Delicias, El Noa Noa, India House, Wynkoop Brewery, Wazee Supper Club, Buckhorn Exchange-- are they still good? I'd love a good Mexican or Tex-Mex place.

I thought Out of the Basement improv at the Avenue Theater might be fun-- how are they?
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I think most of those places are still good and would be a hit. There is a bunch of nightlife, I wouldn't worry about finding it - your hotel is right in the thick of it.

I would also recommend either La or El (I can't remember) Corazon on Blake street. They have great Mexican food.

Right now you can rent bikes downtown - just look for the red bikes at the racks - and expand the range of where you can go.
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Tamayo is a nice mexican place in LoDo. They have a very nice happy hour.

Wazee Supper Club is a nice neighborhood-type restuarant/bar and the food is good. I've never been to the other places on your list.

The Market on Larimer St between 14th and 15th is a good place to grab a quick coffee and a bite to eat. Its a bit pricey but the portions are large and its in an historic building with a bustling atmosphere. If the weather is good there are tables outside. Actually, all the places along Larimer Square have great food but are a bit pricey.

Enjoy! I hope the weather is nice for your visit!
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I have spent most of my adult life seeking out the best Mexican food in Denver.

Best classy Mexican -- La Loma -- the best green chile I have ever eaten. That is all.

Best mid-range Mexican (both a little out of Denver proper) --
Torres -- good green chile, great posole
Los Arcos -- great green chile, everything solid

Exciting new Mexican -- Diego's -- right in the middle of downtown, only open a couple of months, good green chile, amazing carnitas and avocado burrito

Best dive Mexican -- El Taco de Mexico -- old school, phenomenal salsa, good green chile (Mexican rather than Hatch style), amazing al pastor, horchata in one of those drink circulating machines, chile relleno burritos, no english spoken

I live a block from Las Delicias and I never eat there. El Noa Noa is fine, but, again, I never bother. Avoid Hacienda Colorado like the plague that it is.

For Indian, I would hit India's at Tamarac Square.

WaterCourse is the best vegetarian-themed restaurant in Denver, but I have had better in bigger cities. Wynkoop is good to check the microbrewery box, Buckhorn Exchange is solid.
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Take a cab to Jack and Grill.
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There is a IRL meetup being discussed right now, If you can make it to Boulder and the timing fits it would be very cool to have you.
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Good burgers and great atmosphere at My Brother's Bar, on 15th. (It was good enough for Kerouac, it's good enough for us.)
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Totally My Brother's Bar. It is the awesome.
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El Noa Noa is kind of bleh, but the Mexican restaurant right next to it -- El Taco de Mexico has awesome, cheap tacos. Especially if you like tongue. Santiago's, which is just a block away from there, has great breakfast burritos and properly hot green chile. I'd avoid Las Delicias -- it's not that great. There's now a taco cart on the 16th Street Mall -- only a block away from your hotel -- at the intersection of Stout? I think? which I've heard is pretty good.

WaterCourse is one of my favorite places, but if you're more into drinking, you can go to City O'City which combines an interesting bar with a good beer selection with vegetarian pizzas, sandwiches, and snacks. More good places for beer and food: Falling Rock (home of many a MeFi meetup) and Freshcraft.

I haven't been there yet, but friends of mine have had nothing but good things to say about Euclid Hall.
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