Go for a drive? Or maybe a ride?
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SongFilter: Trying to remember the name and artist of a song, but of course, I don't know the words. Similar to but definitely not "Hey Pretty" by Poe.

I remember hearing it sometime around 5-7 years ago. The song sounded a lot like Hey Pretty by Poe (which I heard tonight and is now why this is all in my head). When I try to remember the chorus, I also get the song "Bleed Like Me" stuck in my head, but that's not it either! If I remember correctly, the song I am looking for is about going for a ride or drive. The majority of the song was spoken word by a male, with a female singing the chorus. The chorus was something similar to Hey Pretty's chorus, something like "you wanna go for a ride."

I'm stumped in remembering the song, other than I really liked it, and it pops into my head about once every six months. Hope me Mefites!
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The "spoken word by a male, with a female singing the chorus" description, and the "go for a ride" lyric, made me think of Southside by Moby and Gwen Stefani... It's more than 5-7 years old, but it seems to fit.
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Best answer: Just to be clear, when you say it wasn't Hey Pretty, it wasn't the Drive-By 2001 Mix that replaces Poe's lyrics with a spoken word from her brother?
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Response by poster: birdherder: that is DEFINITELY it. No wonder it sounded so similar *facepalm*. Thanks much!
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Response by poster: I had heard the original when out earlier, hence my being thrown off. The three bourbons didn't help.
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